McCracken Awarded Marcom M&A Advisory Firm of the Year – USA

marcomMcCracken has distinguished itself as one of the top mergers and acquisitions advisors in the marketing services, media and technology sectors for a reason. We bring unrivaled wisdom, hands-on transaction advice, market knowledge and precise attention to detail to everything we do. Why is precision so important? While others often rush to simplify, we embrace complication. We dig deeper, build stronger relationships, ask tougher questions and relentlessly pursue complete answers to optimize the value of every aspect of the transaction. Buying and selling a company is about more than money. Price is only the beginning. Cultural fit is crucial. Optimizing earn-out is critical. We live this truth and customize our time-tested approach and proven process to help each client grow or sell their business to achieve extraordinary results.

McCracken is a licensed merger and acquisition investment-banking firm. We provide personalized counsel to our clients through skilled and thoughtful mergers and acquisitions analysis, advising them through their organic growth trajectories, acquisition ambitions and eventual exit strategies.

Years of investment banking and hands-on experience as principals in the marketing communications industry sets us apart from other investment banking firms in our sector. Our business brokering expertise extends from our keen understanding of the client-driven, culture-critical and people-centric aspects of the business – the very factors that often define the outcome of a successful deal and mutually rewarding post-transaction relationship.

With specialized expertise in the marketing communications, interactive marketing, new media and technologies sectors, McCracken partners have a wealth of experience in both buy-side and sell-side transactions. We’re familiar with the unique challenges each represents. Our thorough approach to research, delicate touch during the screening process and astute brokering capabilities maximize the likelihood of a personally and financially successful deal for every client.

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