Mergers and Acquisitions: Process with Precision Makes the Difference.

In the M&A advisory business, reputation is everything. At McCracken we are known for negotiating fair and fruitful deals for buyers and sellers alike. Our mergers and acquisitions consulting practice is based on a thoughtful and proven process that guides our clients past hurdles to a completed transaction. Through careful analysis and years of experience, we go above and beyond — enabling sure-footed integration plans and mutually rewarding earn outs.

Our precise, time-tested process has led to many successful and mutually beneficial transactions. After all, the stakes are high. There is no room for error. So we accurately set client expectations from the start. We build open communication lines and trust with transparency at each stage throughout the transaction process.

McCracken’s recipe for successful deals has the following key ingredients:

  • An experienced investment banking advisory service overseeing the process from start to finish
  • A selection process that looks beyond the financials for a cultural and commercial fit
  • A win-win approach to financial terms and deal structure
  • A mutually agreed integration plan that will:
    • Provide the seller with an increased likelihood of an optimized earn out
    • Deliver to the buyer a thriving and sustainable asset
    • Plan for a fulfilling and continuing career for the seller’s principals during and after the earn out